Alternative Energy and Petrochemical

With a growing population worldwide and high economic growth in developing countries, energy consumption is increasing rapidly. Fossil fuel remains our primary energy source, producing carbon dioxide when consumed and creating an undesirable global warming effect. Researchers and energy companies are actively engaged in Alternative Energy research and production to preserve our environment and replace the quickly depleting fossil fuel resource. Gas analysis is conducted extensively in Biomass, Biofuel, and Fuel Cell to monitor and improve energy generation efficiency. In parallel, the Petrochemical industry, a diverse market that includes Oil and Gas Production, Hydrocarbon Processing, Refining, and Chemical Productions, is also growing fast to meet the ever increasing energy demand.

INFICON instruments are used in a variety of areas within these markets, from research and development to production and we are investing in gas analysis technologies to help enable you to operate more efficiently. Through better understanding of raw materials, process control of intermediates or the quality of final products, INFICON offers small, transportable, easy-to-use gas chromatograph (GC), like our Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer to make measurements possible in the lab, at the pilot plant, or in the field close to the sample point.